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“Aero plane, aero plane,

Up in the Sky.

Where are you going?

Flying so high?

Over the mountains

And over the sea!

Aero plane, aero plane,

Can’t you take me?”

The voices of children ring as an airplane flies over them. The sound of the children’s voices brought so much excitement to Ejiro as she peeped through the window.

Ejiro’s dream is to become an Aeronautical Engineer someday. The feeling of being able to build “iron birds” that fly in the sky just makes her quite ecstatic.

To study Aeronautical Engineering, Ejiro needs to make at least five credit passes in her final exams to include her core science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). She knows this is not an easy task; she studies hard to pass excellently well but here is the thing; she doesn’t like Biology.

“I don’t like Biology for anything; the materials/notes are usually just too bulky. Lots of Scientific names to memorize, and diagrams with rigid labeling not making it any easy.

Not even Practicals to make one understand what is being taught. It doesn’t just enter my brain. I hate it!!!”- Ejiro

Way out for Ejiro?

Just like Ejiro, oftentimes Students find it difficult to grasp the concepts of a particular subject; this makes them “hate” the subject and not do well in them. When this happens, what are the ways out?

Have a Positive Mindset

Your mind plays a key role in what you can or cannot do. The moment you believe within yourself that you can understand this subject, you have just taken a step towards understanding it.

Like it

Give it all your attention, this way you grow a liking for it. Once you love it, I bet you will want to pass it.

Create time for it

Knowing full well that it takes you so many efforts and time to grasp a subject, you have to create extra time for it.

Ask Questions

If anything seems difficult for you to understand, meet your classmates or seniors to explain to you. In cases where no one is getting the right answer to your question, meet your teachers. Never get shy to ask questions.

Relate it to your day-to-day Activities

Learn to see and relate the concepts of the subject in your day-to-day life. When throwing a stone at a mango on a tree, see Projectile motion. When you perceive the aroma of mom’s delicious food, see Diffusion. Doing these helps retain the concepts in your memory.

EndNote: Do not get tired of studying. Go online, search for materials. Help yourself grow.

“Love from GESAL.”


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